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was designed to free cyclists of the need to change gears. Based on a statistical learning approach, SAM is an "intelligent bike" capable of changing gears automatically based on the terrain and physical abilities of the cyclist. The idea was developed in 2012 by six École Polytechnique students as part of their Group Science Project. In 2013, three of them decided to continue the adventure beyond the Group Science Project. The project was awarded the Jean-Louis Gérondeau Zodiac Aerospace 2013 prize and sports retailer Decathlon is keeping a close watch on SAM's developments.
This project is run by Sébastien Martin, Alexis Mocellin and Matthieu Toulemonde, Polytechnicians from the class of 2011.

Students participate in group science projects learning valuable skills.

The Group Science Project activities are: Study the Red Pad Tie Node, Interface with the Green Mind Melder Module, and Adjust the Blue Magnatomic Pulse Array. These experiments gives sims various moodlets and abilities:

Scientists working on the Group Science Project.

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The supplementary enrichment offered by the School of Contemporary Science stimulates students who are capable, interested, and motivated to plan and carry out individual and group science projects under the supervision of scientists, science education experts, and industry engineers. More than 500 students participate in School's programs each year. Its programs enable them to explore new frontiers in science and technology while getting accreditation for their high school diploma.