Group Projects in Online Classes

Linda's comments challenged the very nature of online learning. She discussed the difficulty of accomplishing group projects online: “It would have been very hard to do online without being able to interact directly with each other. It would have taken a lot longer.” She also addressed the difficulty with communication because of her group members' different writing styles and perspectives: “We didn't know each other, and we all had very different writing styles, and it was very hard to come up with a cohesive paper at the end of the project.”

Bettina: How Group Projects Work Online

There are, however, many challenges in organising group projects online, with students scattered all over the world, which is at odds with the synchronous teleconferences and tight schedule of the capstone course. These challenges fall into three main categories: the logistics of running the course, the management of the team projects, and awareness of time constraints.

Overview of Group Project Online Ticketing System

How Do You Do Group Projects Online

Assessment is more challenging in a virtual world, where it’s harder to measure quantitative and intangible aspects of learning, and it’s easy for student to cheat with conventional assessments. Assessment should include “intangible aspects, and should also offer multiple means of demonstrating learning, including individual and group projects and online presentations,” says , president of VHS, a nonprofit virtual school and consultancy.