Group project management software

Project Scope management includes the processes that is required to ensure successful completion of the project. It includes all the work required to complete the project successfully. There are five processes that take place in Project Scope Management. Lets discuss these process groups of Project Scope Management.

Five Project Management Process Groups in Project Scope Management:

Control Scope is the last process group of project scope management. It is again a part of project monitoring and control process group. Control scope is the process of monitoring the status of the project and Product scope and managing changes to the scope baseline. This process ensures that all requested changes and recommended corrective or preventive actions are processed through the integrated change control process.

The Emergo Group Project Management Process 2014

Encore Group Project Management Solutions

Group project management software is a computer software application that helps you implement group knowledge, teamwork skills and team-oriented techniques in order to plan and control the use of resources, costs and schedules and to meet requirements of your particular project. It includes such integrated functions as calendars, charts, process tracking, cost assessment, report generating, and scheduling.