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The online poster evaluating an ethics case was assessed with 2 rubrics: the JCP written communication rubric for third professional year (P3) students (), which contributed 30% of the assignment grade and the group project grading rubric (), which contributed 70% of the assignment grade. The written communication rubric assessed writing proficiency (including spelling, grammar, flow and transitions, correct formatting of references, and correct citations of references) and writing content (terminology, reference relevance and credibility, pertinence and accuracy of information, and synthesis of evidence). The group project grading rubric assessed the group’s ability to adequately describe the health care-related emerging issues involved in the ethics case and how they contributed to the dilemma presented in the case, to explain how the emerging issues could have been addressed in order to prevent the ethical dilemma, and to state how an interprofessional approach could have improved the outcome of the ethical dilemma. In 2010, the average group project grade was 27.0 out of 27.4 points (98.5%); in 2011 the average grade was 26.3 out of 27.4 points (96.1%). In 2012, student groups were required to develop a student grand rounds group wiki on a current controversy related to one of the 6 modules. The project was graded using a rubric () developed for the project. The rubric assessed whether or not the topic was controversial and related to the online modules; it also assessed grammar, spelling, transitions and flow, appropriate level of terminology, organization, pertinence and accuracy of information, and appropriate use of primary literature and evidence from other sources. The average grade for the wiki was 34.1 out of 36 points (94.8%).

Student Group Project Grading Rubric

After your students have completed their group projects, they can evaluate their projects using the group project grading rubric that is provided in this set of Esio Trot lesson plans.

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