Group Leadership Project PART A - Brainstorm Session

Officer Training School is the third level in the Cadet Training Education Program. OTS is a Texas Wing Leadership Seminar that introduces several techniques needed for effective performance as a cadet officer. Students are instructed on how to effectively manage, serve in various officer positions, and facilitate their squadron meeting. The instruction given in class is coupled with group leadership projects and planning sessions. These activities provide cadets a way to apply what they have learned during their training.

Spring Group Leadership Project (GLP) at Ft Benning, GA (Return to top) Physical Training

Since the start of the program in 1981, our Detachment has grown from 44 warrior leaders to over 90 in 2015. Jump on board and find out why. Our cadets feel like our detachment is a home away from home. The people they work and play with in our program are their best friends and second family. All this while you learn the culture and values of our Air Force through activities like group leadership projects, marching, and leadership laboratory; reveille, retreat, and commissioning ceremonies; and formal events like Dining In and Dining Out. Our philosophy is that this is your opportunity to grow and find out what kind of leader you are.

for physical training, combatives and group leadership projects.

The instruction given in class is coupled with group leadership projects and planning sessions

The second day of the RCLS program started with a bang. The RCLS class, a group of nine cadets from six different squadrons, were experiencing the morning-time here at Camp Lincoln. After room preparation, we went outside for the daily briefing.

After breakfast, we went to the classroom for our first mission - getting to know each other. We answered interesting questions about ourselves and had a good laugh listening to some of the hilarious answers. After we were finished we had a fascinating class by Major Hackett about all of the Core Values and its practical application. Before the class ended we were surprised by a loud fire alarm that sounded - it was a fire-drill time! We all calmly, but urgently, walked outside. Forming up in our respective groups, we were all addressed by Major Brendel who spoke to us on matters of safety.

Lunch was next in our day, and just as always, the food was above par. There were noodles, peaches, jell-o, pork sandwiches, and my fellow RCLS cadets' nutritional favorite - salad with just a smidge of ranch dressing. We ate till our hearts content, and then went back upstairs to our Wilderness First Aid class. We broke into two teams and strained our brains in a fun PVC-centered GLP (Group Leadership Project).

Before long, we were presented with the opportunity of meeting a famous wrestler by the name of Koffee, a native of Ghana. He told us about his life story and his amazing triumphs of gaining success even though his environment was contradictory. He allowed for autographs and picture taking. Army Office Sergeant Snyder took the photos of the cadets with Koffee. Memorable moments, eternally saved - hats off to you Sergeant!

Our day ended with more wilderness instruction - a full day, well spent.