GLP stands for Group Leadership Project (US Air Force ROTC)

This course focuses primarily on management of self, a fundamental key to success for any leader. In the class you will discuss how to be proactive in the areas of time management, goal setting, and developing positive self image while developing a college plan and crafting a résumé. You’ll study different leadership styles, how to conduct effective meetings, and how to work successfully with members of a team. Finally, each class member will assume a role within one group leadership project.

Fun group leadership projects Try to choose topics that are both fun and insightful

The second day of the RCLS program started with a bang. The RCLS class, a group of nine cadets from six different squadrons, were experiencing the morning-time here at Camp Lincoln. After room preparation, we went outside for the daily briefing.

After breakfast, we went to the classroom for our first mission - getting to know each other. We answered interesting questions about ourselves and had a good laugh listening to some of the hilarious answers. After we were finished we had a fascinating class by Major Hackett about all of the Core Values and its practical application. Before the class ended we were surprised by a loud fire alarm that sounded - it was a fire-drill time! We all calmly, but urgently, walked outside. Forming up in our respective groups, we were all addressed by Major Brendel who spoke to us on matters of safety.

Lunch was next in our day, and just as always, the food was above par. There were noodles, peaches, jell-o, pork sandwiches, and my fellow RCLS cadets' nutritional favorite - salad with just a smidge of ranch dressing. We ate till our hearts content, and then went back upstairs to our Wilderness First Aid class. We broke into two teams and strained our brains in a fun PVC-centered GLP (Group Leadership Project).

Before long, we were presented with the opportunity of meeting a famous wrestler by the name of Koffee, a native of Ghana. He told us about his life story and his amazing triumphs of gaining success even though his environment was contradictory. He allowed for autographs and picture taking. Army Office Sergeant Snyder took the photos of the cadets with Koffee. Memorable moments, eternally saved - hats off to you Sergeant!

Our day ended with more wilderness instruction - a full day, well spent.

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LOOK to Clermont Youth Leadership Program consists of two leadership courses (managed by OSU Extension - Clermont County and UC Clermont College) embedded in a program for Clermont County high school juniors and seniors. The program is a series of classroom and practical learning experiences designed to develop and enhance leadership skills and potential, as well as increase awareness of critical issues in Clermont County such as community development. Participants also complete a group leadership project that benefits the community.