Group Housing Projects in Sector 107 ..

We have tried to list all quality group housing projects that are being undertaken by various developers and builders in Dehradun and Uttarakhand at one place. The links below would provide you with a comprehensive multi-brand catalogue regarding all residential projects that are being undertaken by various Real Estate Developers in Dehradun.

d) The group housing project should not exceed 20% of the sector area.

There are some zoning benefits to group housing: no rear yard, reduced open space requirements. But the most significant zoning difference is that group housing is not subject to the City’s affordable housing requirements. Supervisor Avalos’s legislation would apply the citywide 12%/20% standard requirement to group housing projects.

Dennis Cairns + Associates | Hydraulic Design Group Housing Projects

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Last week, Supervisor Avalos introduced legislation that would apply the same citywide affordable housing requirements on group housing projects that currently apply to dwelling units. Group housing is typically a single room, possibly with a small kitchenette and individual or shared bathroom facilities. For years, group housing was generally used as SRO housing, student dormitories, or other shared living facilities. But now with younger folks willing to live in smaller and smaller spaces so long as they can step out onto the streets of San Francisco, group housing has seen a resurgence in proposals in recent years.

To keep the city green, 15.92%of the total area will be left for greenery, which is a one per cent hike over the allocation in Master Plan 2021; this additional area works out to nearly 2,000 hectares. The new master plan has put emphasis on group housing projects , as Noida is gradually getting saturated and there is no scope to extend its area.Similarly, group housing projects will now be approved on a minimum of 2 acres of land across the state, instead of the 5-acre norm followed so far.In a significant decision, the state government on Friday evening relaxed the minimum area norm for developing residential colonies and group housing projects in Punjab.