physics lab report group four project

One activity that is needed to complete the Diploma program is the group four project. This includes the participation of all diploma science students in conducting an experiment in which all four sciences are considered. Our group included James, Dasha and Lucia.

what is termed the Group four project that takes place at the end of year one over 2 days

All three sciences are offered as part of Group four. The three science departments maintain very close liaison in order to combine expertise. This is particularly helpful during the Group Four Project in which teams of students from each discipline combine their efforts in an investigation. Please see the individual Science Department pages for more detail.

Group Four project, has already reached its third year

G11 students completed the 'Group Four Project' on Friday June 15th

The group four project helped me see the correlation between not only the different science categories but also the correlation between science and obstacles/activities that I otherwise wouldn’t have thought of through a scientific lens. My favourite activity was the first one that i took part in, the “deliver me” activity. I enjoyed developing a device that would get the marble onto the target. Developing this device was easy for my group and I however it wasn’t until we tried perfecting it that the problems began to come up. I felt we had the most energy and enthusiasm during this activity which is why I believe it was the most successful out of the three activities we participated in.