Group Crafting Project for Children and Adults

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One natural and unvarnished hardwood ring. These are sought after for making Waldorf teething dolls and teething toys, sewing to the corner of a favorite blankie, creating dancing silk or felt ribbon toys (see additional image for example) as well as other toy and group craft projects.

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These treat bags are quick to make making them perfect for parties and group craft projects.

There are so many benefits to lifelong learning. OLLI strives to provide opportunities to engage members mentally, physically and socially through classes, interest groups, trips, and social gatherings. To join, please fill out a and return it with payment to the OLLI office.

OLLI's enrichment classes delve into local and international history, music and art. Many courses are taught by retired experts in their field and it's a great chance to hone your own knowledge and skills among experienced individuals that share the same interests. Some classes revolve around current events and discussions about the social and political trends of the day. Classes on computers, applications and cyber security allow members to learn new computer skills, discover new tools/applications as they become available and discuss the current trends in technology. Classes in arts and crafts are offered to serve as workshops and they provide an opportunity to receive instruction and discover talents you never knew you had!

OLLI offers physical education classes specifically targeting older participants and the challenges they sometimes face. Classes are offered in Yoga, Tai Chi and Dancing. Many members have physical impairments, ranging from mild arthritis to mobility problems, that can benefit greatly from regular exercise. Our instructors offer classes that meet regularly and they are very creative and willing to alter classes as needed so that everyone can participate.

OLLI has many member groups that gather together to discuss and share different interests like books, magazines, films, music, arts, crafts, and games. These groups provide an opportunity to meet people, pursue friendships, discuss things of interest to you, tackle group craft projects and get helpful advice on projects. There are often classes offered in conjunction with these interest groups.

There are 3 or 4 trips offered per term that are open to anyone, even non-members. OLLI rents a bus and takes members to and from the trip destination.

At the start of every term there is an Open House/Reception for members and people interested in joining OLLI. There are also two large social gatherings offered to members and family/friends every year, the OLLI Annual Meeting and the OLLI Holiday Party.