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For our group 4 project, we made soap, with different oils and lye concentrations. Then we made the soaps slide down an incline plane to see if the oils used influenced the friction coefficient. It was quite fun, and our teachers loved the idea!
One piece of advice though: whatever you do, do not write the report last minute. We noticed a mistake in the calculations at 11 pm the night before it was due, so we spent the whole night writing the thing. Plus, we forgot part of the discussion...
Good luck!

PPT – Group 4 Project PowerPoint presentation | free to view - id: 46bfd-ZDc1Z

The logistical organization of the group 4 project is often a challenge to schools. The following models illustrate possible ways in which the project may be implemented.

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Group 4 Project Ideas? HELP!!?

"The group 4 project allows students to appreciate the environmental, social and ethical implicationsof science and technology. It may also allow them to understand the limitations of scientific study, forexample, the shortage of appropriate data and/or the lack of resources. The emphasis is on interdisciplinarycooperation and the processes involved in scientific investigation, rather than the products of suchinvestigation."(IBO)

A Group 4 project, or a G4, is a project that incorporates different sciences. This year we have to have a biology component, a physics component as well as a computer science component.Time Constraints - Twelve (12) hours of project time must be logged for the Group 4 Research Project. Four (4) hours of class time will be allocated for the Group IV project. A minimum of eight additional hours will need to be completed outside regularly scheduled class to complete the project.