Communicating Your Stories: Tips for Great College Application Essays

Advisors are replete with warnings not to underestimate the importance of your college application essays. But few offer specifics about how a great college application essay can increase your chance of admission. While it can be tempting to view your admissions essay as less important than other achievements that you worked very hard for, such as awards or high test scores, a great college application essay can help you stand apart from the crowd and gain admission to your ‘reach’ schools.

How a Great College Application Essay can Increase Your Chance of Admission

Are you gearing up to apply for colleges? Is it time for you to really start to focus on the composition of a great college application essay? Many colleges give similar essay topics for students to choose from. This is why it is valuable for you to research the generic questions that colleges will ask of the students in regards to the application essay. You will be able to outline your essay answer before you ever have to actually fill it out for a college application. There are ways to make a college application essay easier to work through than simply sitting down and writing the answer on the spot. Some of the best tips for creating a college application essay include:

Writing Great College Application Essays That Pop!!!

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