Graduate School Admissions Essay - Sample Essay

As a rule, you have to write about important turning points in your life that define you as a person, your experiences and what you've learned from them, your goals and plans for the future. But very often applicants have to address some particular prompts. It's also a common thing when a college admission essay (or other kinds of admission essays) turns from an academic writing assignment into a true creative writing assignment since there are a lot of approaches that can make your essay unique, such as preparing it in a form of a poem or a letter to someone. Possibilities are endless, really, and it's important to come up with a good idea and an organized structure for your college admission essay, university admission essay, graduate school admission essay, etc.

Graduate School Admission Essays

Your graduate school admission essay can make or break your years at college. Make sure that you’re writing it to impress and you will find yourself sitting in the classroom of your choice getting the education from the college that you really wanted to attend.

Graduate School Admission Essay Tips

Graduate School Admissions Essays

Admissions committees want to see more than just numbers when you apply to graduate school; the Graduate School Admissions Essay allows the committee members to determine whether you will contribute to their program and be a positive addition to the unique mix of personalities. The perfect way to indicate that you have an interesting blend of experience and aptitudes is with a colorful Admissions Essay.