Graduate Admissions Essays and Personal Statements

If essay writing isn't your strongest quality, you can meet with your professor or career counselor to get help with writing it. Write a list of all the things you want to put in the admissions essay along with the required questions you need to answer in the graduate admissions essay. Pay attention to the professor's suggestions and after you type your rough draft, bring it to him so he can look over it a final time.

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How to Write the Graduate Admissions Essay

4. Do you have specific requirements for the Graduate Admissions Essay?

The importance of writing a good graduate admission essay can’t be underestimated. After finishing four years of college, most people feel that they have reached the zenith of their dreams and are ready to set off into the world to make a living. A good percentage of these college graduates, however, choose to further their education and go to graduate schools. There are some who feel that there are still a lot that they need and want to learn about their field of study, others are so inspired by their professors that they hear the calling of becoming a professor as well. It is for these reasons that graduate studies are a good option. Graduate studies or degrees can either be a master’s degree, a PhD or a doctoral degree, or an MBA.

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