**RMI is planning to organise a series of proposal workshops in the near future (tentatively after 15 July 2010) for all interested parties to decide on the themes and areas that UiTM researchers will compete for. Please peruse the guideline and research proposal forms to familiarize yourselfs with the grant scheme. We hope to submit really good research proposals (by 1 September 2010) and eventually secure the MARP grants.


Reconsidering once again, can someone tell me how to write good research proposals in areas like pure mathematics (I mean, like Non-commutative geometry, K-Homology etc. where, unlike some other subjects, number of papers, an average researcher can produce at the time of graduation, is less).

How to Write a Good Research Proposal | eHow

How to Write a Good Research Proposal

It is not that difficult to write good research proposal examples, especially if you have already written one yourself. First off, let us ask ourselves a question: besides being generally helpful, what are the benefits of ? Well, undoubtedly, there are many students out there who do not know anything about writing a literature review. Perhaps they do not even know what it is. There is no arguing about the fact that a lot of people operate under the misconception that a literature review is a review of a book or novel, after all. Simply providing an example of what one really is can be extremely valuable.