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College application essays are meant for students who are seeking for admissions in colleges. Prime Essay Writings offer College Essays Writings the purpose of writing college application essays is to convince the admissions board that you are the best among the rest. In order to perfect in the art of writing a good college application essay, one requires practicing it through reading application essays that have already been done by others. However, our writers will save you all that as they are skilled and experienced to write College Essays. College application essays examples should contain all the requirements required by the college.

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Writing A Good College Application Essay

My extracurriculars were average to say the best. I wasn't involved in any varsity sports. I had two things that I did well. I had some nice internships BUT more importantly I wrote some good college application essays. My primary essay was about my internship working with kids in Bangladesh and my secondary essay was about my passion for swimming. I still remember my WM essay. They asked something along the lines of "What makes you you- it can be anything from humor to sports to..." I struggled with it until I took something very simple and made it sound very nice. My answer was my brown humor, jokes that I can make based on my South East Asian upbringing that only others who were brought up in the same environment would understand.