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The patient may wish to be informed about some unsought for findings, but not about all of them. For example, he might want to know about findings that indicate health risks that can be mitigated through timely treatment or lifestyle changes, but not about predispositions for severe conditions that cannot be treated or prevented. Recognition of both the right to know and the right not to know means that people should be given the opportunity to make such choices in advance. Precisely how this should be given form is less clear. Discussing all possible findings in detail in terms of nature, severity and treatability is unrealistic. At most, a form of generic consent might be obtained, where individuals can indicate the type of findings they do and do not wish to be informed of based on a number of general multiple choice questions. This approach is advocated in the previously mentioned publications on genome-wide array CGH in children with unexplained mental retardation. The authors propose asking patients, or parents of a child to be tested, prior to genome-wide diagnostic testing

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Contains a passage from the novel with 10 accompanying multiple choice questions, 10 general multiple choice questions, and one essay for a total of 40 points.

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The high point of high school is the matriculation examination, where all the subjects taught during the whole duration of high school is tested. The student has to take several tests, most of them last for 6 hours, and require writing answers using logical thought processing and information of different subject matters. The languages are tested also as a hearing test. Only the foreign language tests have some multiple choice questions, but in general multiple choice questions are very rare in schools in Finland.