Controversial Fulbright research proposal

With her Fulbright grant, Anna Mack will explore how disability is experienced in modern-day China. By conducting interviews with adults with disabilities and policy analysts, she will investigate the relationship between community and policy and how this may enrich an understanding of international disability policy. Her Fulbright research proposal developed out of her senior work on the relationship between international disability discourse and rights advocacy work in China, as well as from her engagement with the Center for Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity's Life Stories Project. Mack was the recipient of a Mellon research grant that enabled her to pursue research at a Chinese disability rights advocacy organization following her semester abroad in Kunming. In addition to her Fulbright selection, she was also awarded a Critical Language Scholarship by the U.S. State Department to further her study of Chinese this summer. Following her Fulbright grant, Mack plans to continue her focus on disability advocacy and U.S.-Sino relations.

Fulbright Research Proposal - Kaci and the World.

Her interest in Ukraine began during her senior year at Wheaton when she took Professor of Russian Studies Jeanne Wilson’s course “National Identity in the Post-Soviet Space.” It inspired her to choose Ukraine for her Fulbright research proposal.

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