Connecticut College: Essays that Worked

This story highlights one of the drawbacks of reading too many examples of college admissions essays 'that worked.' Even if you don't set out to deliberately copy the material you read, you're likely to absorb the format and language you find there. This can result in your writing an essay that sounds like it came from someone else. In addition, over-reliance on sample essays can undermine your creativity by giving you an overly rigid idea of the ‘right' kind of topic or language for an admissions essay, too early in the writing process.

I also want to recommend our Essays that Worked: real essays submitted by real ..

Writing your best essay can make the difference between admission to your top choice school, or settling for one of your other options. Essays do make a difference. They need to be unique and about you. Below are some examples of college admission essays that other students have shared in our essay contest. Use these to see what works, then write your own admission essay. Check out the list of common topics, and our tips on writing a unique .

and be inspired by their example ..

Reading too many examples of college admissions essays 'that worked' can do you more harm than good.