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This one is also known as the evaluative annotated bibliography. They do summarize what each source contributed to the topic, but also you give us your critique of the source. For example you may let us know if you thought the source was bias, objective, or lacked enough evidence. In this type annotated bibliography you pay close attention to evaluate the credibility to the source and tell your reader what and how it contributed to your psychology paper.

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EVALUATIVE ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY PR/SR GUIDELINES ~ FALL 2015Use the insert comment function to respond in-text to each of the following bullet points. Pleasenote that failure to respond to all elements of the PR prompt will result in a not satisfactor

Evaluative Annotated Bibliography

An evaluative annotated bibliography is more subjective--it ..

Students prepare an evaluative annotated bibliography of a specific number of information sources on a topic requiring them to identify the best sources and defend why they consider them the best sources.