Educational Research Proposals

The engagement of STAN in educational research had meant increased awareness and sensitivity to problems and issues in Nigeria's educational development. As a result, it has involved members possessing the necessary skills and aptitudes to monitor, review, and implement national science educational objectives in order to develop new knowledge, skills and attitudes indispensable for the attainment of national goals and the socio-economic development of the country.

STAN, in furtherance of its functions also considers for funding, educational research proposals aimed at improving the quality as well as the performance of science education in Nigeria.

 Educational Research Proposal Request Form

Broadening Participation Research in STEM Education: Only one educational research proposal will be accepted per alliance. Partner institutions must coordinate submissions of educational research proposals with their lead institution.

What are some examples of educational research proposals?

Educational Research Proposal | Sample Proposals

The Associate Dean for Evaluation is charged with reviewing all educational research proposals involving medical students or educational data using the criteria listed below. Projects for which most of the questions are answered positively will be approved and forwarded to the Human Assurance Committee.