What are some examples of educational research proposals?

ED 582 Research in Education
In this core course students engage in the scientific reasoning process and reflect upon this process as it relates to the educator’s role. The goals and methods of educational research, the reading and analysis of primary sources, development of an educational research proposal using research and the teacher as researcher, are explored. In addition, course material includes currently used research strategies, such as ethnographic studies, action research and the case study approach. Emerging educational practices that are research-based are highlighted. Appropriate inferential and descriptive statistical methodologies are also studied. Candidates are strongly encouraged to develop an action research proposal during this course. This course is part of the initial licensure track, all majors.

Educational Research Proposal | Sample Proposals

Broadening Participation Research in STEM Education:
Only one educational research proposal will be accepted per alliance. Partner institutions must coordinate submissions of educational research proposals with their lead institution.

Education Research Proposal | Sample Proposals

Tips for Starting an Educational Research Proposal

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