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Your dissertation research proposal should begin with a novel and important research question, which can be drawn from the academic literature on your topic or from real-world events. Dissertation research is expected to make a new and meaningful contribution to the field, so the starting point is a paradox or disagreement in the theoretical literature, a prediction in the literature that is not borne out in the real world or a situation in which competing theories predict different outcomes. Your dissertation research proposal should begin with a discussion of the research question that makes it clear why your topic is important and how your results will constitute a significant contribution. You also should state up front what you expect the answer to your question will be; this is your thesis statement.

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5. Develop a research proposal, showing a firm grasp of how to formulate research questions, design a research methodology and recognise and appreciate the moral and ethical issues involved in undertaking research. The module will lead to the submission of a full dissertation research proposal that will be the basis of your dissertation research. A dissertation advisor will be available to discuss the develop of your research plans. The research proposal is a qualifying element of this module and a minimum mark of 40% is required in order for the module to be passed.

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Before getting into the details of your research proposal, you probably will need to provide some background information on your . Just about any topic will have a long and complicated history in your field, so present only the background information that is directly relevant and necessary to understand your project. You can assume that the faculty members reading your dissertation research proposal already are familiar with the topic, so do not get bogged down in background discussion.