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Physics tutoring online is available in many different forms. Students have to understand the goals of what they are trying accomplish when looking for homework help. If money is no object, there are dozens of tutoring sites available to students but some can get quite costly. If homework help is needed, it is best advised to seek out an online tutoring site for a couple of the most difficult physics problems in a homework assignment and then work through the rest. Spending considerable time with an online tutor will cost a considerable amount of money and that is something to be aware of.

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Whereas two-dimensional magnetic reconnection simulations have been improving for nearly 20 years, three-dimensional simulations are offering unprecedented detail and insight. However, current-generation supercomputers cannot simulate large enough systems at long enough timescales to solve some of the most difficult physics problems.


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The meso- and micro-scale methods are also being developed in parallel with the continuum theory-based conventional CFD techniques-using finite volume method (FVM) and finite element method (FEM). In the mesoscopic lattice Boltzmann method (LBM), fluid flow is simulated by tracking the development of distribution functions of assemblies of molecules. It is difficult to capture the interfacial dynamics, which is essential for multiphase flow, at the macroscopic level. LBM captures the interaction of fluid particles and is, therefore, helpful for multiphase flow with phase segregation and surface tension. Also, the LBM is computationally more efficient than molecular dynamics (MD) method since it does not track individual molecules; the solution algorithm is explicit, easy to implement and parallel computation can be done. Micro/nano-scale simulations in micro/nano-scale geometries and micro time scales are done in MD method and direct simulation of Monte Carlo (DSMD) method. Coupled macro-scale simulation is being done using high performance computer (HPC). This article makes a review of the advances in multiscale biomimetic fluid flow modelling and simulation of difficult physics problems with complex biological interfaces.