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While each candidate applies to the course with an individual design research proposal, the structure of the programme groups these topics into a shared set of themes and approaches. In each case, students are helped to refine their work to focus on a distinct design scale, and to engage with one of three core research objectives, supported by the expertise of the academic staff. These include explorations into strategies for resilience (environmental, socio-economic and cultural), approaches to civic engagement, and the study of fabrication techniques. In each case students are expected to focus on either urban planning measures, the structure of neighbourhoods or institutions, or to examine and promote direct action in the form of 1:1 built structures, public engagement exercises or forms of performance and exhibition. These three scales and three core research directions enable the cohort to consolidate and share resources and expertise whilst building upon the creative productivity of a studio environment.

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City Sink is a design research proposal for a meta-park of dispersed landscape infrastructure to boost carbon stocks with biomass and through formation of long-term sequestration reservoirs for soil organic carbon in New York City and Long Island. City Sink research merges urban land-use life cycles and the carbon-cycle to describe a systemic response to elevated atmospheric carbon levels which provoke climate change. The project is a model for re-imagining urban landscapes as urban ecological infrastructure.

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Students will be assessed on their ability to design and conduct research study as well as communication and presentation skills. The assessment will be divided as such: verbal skill, design research proposal, critical analysis of data, and social inclusion