Problem definition and research proposal(brm) 1

How do you define a research proposal?You should state your research topic as accurately as possible on a separate sheet. Your researchproposal should address the following questions: What is your general topic? What questions do you want to answer?

Problem definition and research proposal(brm)

During the course, each student carries out a small researchproject. One of the 8 topics is selected by a student (coordinated bythe lecturer). Usually, the paper already given for this topicintroduces a certain architecture, a protocol, or an algorithm. Duringthe research definition phase, the student will do a literature searchfor alternative approaches to the problem. Further, the student willhave to define a small investigation, in which two (or more)alternatives are compared w.r.t. one or more performance measures suchas throughput, delay, scalability, energy efficiency, or spectrumutilization. The comparison can for instance be performed using asimple analytical model, or some simulation model. Based on thisprestudy, the student willdefine a research proposal. The written research proposal will behanded in and presented at theend of the research definition phase. Thelecturers and other participants in the course will give feedback tothe proposal. From that moment on, the actualreseach will take place. Intermediate results and problemscan be discussed during the weekly meetings with one of thesupervisors. Finally, the researchresults are presented in a research presentation.

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