a. Current Problems in Physics (1) [Rpt./4 units]

Our group’s general aim is to contribute to the understanding of current problems in Physics including gravitational physics, quantum physics and condensed matter physics of strongly correlated electron systems. We use novel experimental techniques that are mostly developed in our laboratory.

Tauth T., Elements of plasma physics (Roum.), in Current problems inphysics, EDP, Bucharest (1969)

So, why do we or should we care about figuring out what antimatter really is and how the universe treats it? Well, quite simply, it has the possibility of providing new solutions to many current problems in physics.

Current problems in semiconductor physics - Springer

For over 50 years physicists have been meeting in the Rockies to work through current problems in physics and to advance science.

Required courses in the minor (20 credit hours)(Identified by the Titles and Course Numbers)
ASTR 1411 (4 schs, Astronomy of Solar system)
ASTR 1412 (4 schrs, Stars and the Universe)
ASTR 260 (3 schrs, Archaeoastronomy)
ASTR 310 (4 schs, Observational Astronomy)
ASTR 337 (3 schrs, Introduction to Astrophysics)
PHYS 401 (1 schs, Seminars on Current problems in Physics and Astronomy (2 semesters)

Chiren's went into researching quantum mechanics, relativity and neuroscience with the same dedication and out-of-the-box thinking that we've seen in his record-setting stunts in online gaming. With astounding accuracy and knowledge of the subject matter, he has made an incredible amount of new correlations that solve a huge list of current problems in physics, which, if proven correct, would not only have practical but also deeply philosophical repercussions.