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Begin writing your first draft in Times New Roman font, 12 point type, double spaced, with page numbers. If you work from an outline, the first draft will follow the outline you have already created. I write non-fiction books, and I often work from power point slides. I pretend that I am creating a Power Point presentation for a class and it forces me to expose the information in a logical sequence, much like an outline for a work of fiction. I find that if I can introduce the main ideas for each chapter in power point slides, I can tweak the flow of the information by moving the slides.

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I am creating a power point presentation, and want to use multiple separate video clips....using MS Movie Maker what is/are the recommended resolution settings to minimize file size while maintaining decent resolution when presented on the computer and projector?

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To create a PowerPoint presentation using a template, click the File tab  New, and the following panel will be displayed.

I am creating a power point presentation with video clips interspersed. The presentation starts with a couple of slides and the third slide is a video. That plays fine but after the video slide is finished it does not move on to the next regular slide.
Any ideas?

Perhaps you need to create a PowerPoint presentation by the end of the day, but you haven't created one before. Or perhaps you created PowerPoint presentations a long time ago, but you don't remember how. The highlights of the Who's Who Reception were two special TWU traditions-individual recognition of each honoree and the traditional photograph on the spiral staircase of the historic Hubbard Hall. When the yearbook was in print each Who’s Who nominee was recognized with a photo (often taken at their favorite location on campus), a list of their campus activities and a personal quote. STARS brought back this idea by creating a power point presentation for each student which ran during the reception, prior to the formal presentation. Please see the link below for a presentation of this years Honorees.