How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation - Instructables

What are we looking for?
We are currently looking for a Web& Graphic Designer to do the following tasks:
- Create and design marketing, sales and training materials
- Create templates of marketing collaterals and advertisements offline and online
- Update and maintain company's official website as well as its facebook page
- Taking charge of photos taking during training and other events
- Taking care of official websites, such as update, maintenance
- Taking care the online products promotion in several websites
- Taking care of creating company blogs from different online sources
- Create animation as well as video for marketing purposes
- Conceptualization and creation of series of product ads
- Create power point presentation for sales people
- Create and compile case studies in PDF and PPT format
- Create e-catalog of carried products.

What is the minimum education requirement for this position?
Minimum diploma in IT related or creative art course is more than sufficient for us to accept you.

Create power point presentation, business cards, data spreadsheets, inventories and logos

This article looks at two ways of interacting between Access and PowerPoint. The first sample illustrates how to create a PowerPoint presentation from the data in an Access table using Automation. The second sample shows how to display and manipulate an existing PowerPoint presentation inside of an Access form, also using Automation. Automation gives you the ability to control one application from another by manipulating the controlled application's exposed properties and methods, and responding to events.

Intro: How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation

To create a PowerPoint presentation using a template, click the File tab  New, and the following panel will be displayed.

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