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Here’s a guest post by a talented college application essay writing coach named Ethan Sawyer. I love what he shares about how important it is to have both an engaging story at the start of an essay, and then a key insight that reveals what it meant.

  Five tips that will add some pizzazz to your college application essay writing.

First of all, remember this: if you’re trying to complete a college application essay and you’re struggling to do so, you aren’t alone. In fact, nearly ever single students that attempts college application essay writing faces a serious degree of anxiety and writing difficulty. Why is this? The reason is actually pretty simple. A large part of students' seeming inability to write college entry essays stems from personal anxiety. There’s so much riding on college entrance that most students end up suffering from overwhelming stress or other complications. This can severely impair their ability to craft unique essays. The other factor contributing to student difficulty with application essays lies in the essay itself. Application essays walk a fine line between selling oneself to a college, and entering into self-praise territory. Students have to make themselves sound appealing and valuable to the college, without sounding as though they’re tying to sound appealing and valuable.

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