2014-15 College Application Essay Prompts

The day of your application has come at last. Since then you will influence your destiny yourself: whether or not you will be enrolled in the school you had been dreaming of for so long. Despite the knowledge you have to demonstrate during the entrance exams you will have to write the best college application essays ever. Do not know how to do it? Read the suggested below and surprise your committee with the best presentation of yours.

College application essay prompt #1. Recollect some significant experience of yours, some considerable achievement or problem you have faced. Analyze what impact they had on your life;

College application essay prompt #2. Dwell on some problem of personal, local or global concern and its significance to you;

College application essay prompt #3. Describe the person who has influenced your life greatly, or, may be even changed it somehow;

College application essay prompt #4. Choose some character from the book, film, or, some historical figure and say what impact he/she had on you; you may even analyze the influence this book, movie or historical event had on you;

College application essay prompt #5. Dig into your student’s past; remember some event from it that may turn persuasive for the committee. With its help disclose the ways in which you may be useful for the school you are applying.

Note that college application essays is the key part of your admission. It is not only a human factor that college application essay reveals but it is your opportunity to show your wonderful writing skills. So, do not neglect the importance of the college application essay writing, make use of the college application essay prompts proposed above and get enrolled in the school of your dream!

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Each college or university may require different essay topics (Also known as college essay prompts.) For example, the current (Common App) college application essay prompts (topics) are as follows:Note: Candidates choose one topic and respond in 250 words minimum and 650 words maximum.

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2014-15 Quirky College Application Essay Prompts

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