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Against the background of this body of prior work demonstrating the efficacy of function words for establishing general traits of a speaker or writer, we now seek to establish more narrowly whether function word use can be predictive of scholarly aptitude, and potentially reveal general thinking styles reflective of academic success. To this end, we have linked function word use in a large corpus of college admissions essays with students' academic performance during their first four years of college. Three overlapping questions were addressed:

Your college admissions essay is your time to shine.

Every year we hear dizzying statistics about the college admissions process. Thousands of students apply to colleges with single digit acceptance rates, and often it feels like a lottery ticket to get accepted.

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In its essence, a is a subtype of a . It is similar to reflective essays because it requires its author (i.e. the applicant) to tell the admission committee about himself or herself, describe his or her inner world, tell how a significant person or an even has impacted him or her to contributed to his growth as a personality – and do it all within 500 words or less. The five hundred words of a college admission essay can make a difference in the decision process, so this is a task that has to be done right the first time. Your story should sound natural while being convincing. Making your story natural is simple of you are real you in the text of the paper. If you are serious, write in a serious tone; if you have a good sense of humor, insert a joke here and there – the main point is that your college admissions essay should sound neither too grave nor too funny. A few more tips on college admission essay writing include: