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In order to write a child abuse that treats the subject sensitively and academically, one's greatest asset is thorough research. Through researching the subject in as complete a way as possible, the student will find a wide range of information and tone, and this range will help even out the student's own writing voice. For example, the student may read two or three case studies that are extremely intense in their subject matter and in their delivery, but he or she may also read two or three sources that present only statistics in a rather dispassionate way. Once students have read a number of sources that balance each other in this fashion, they will be able to write child abuse term papers that present a balanced view of the material.

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In addition to being thorough, students who are writing child abuse term papers should be discerning in their choices of sources to cite. For example, if a source provides statistics that are dramatically different from most other sources, one should verify that abnormal source's methodology. Additionally, one should not treat a case study as representing normal experience for victims of child abuse; the purpose of a case study is to explore in detail one person's experience, and each situation is highly unique. Therefore, students should use case studies not as normative, "this is what always happens" information, but rather as supporting evidence and examples for claims they make in their papers.


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