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We are at a loss to think of one instance in which “etc.” could be used appropriately in a business school application essay. Very simply, ensure that this term does not appear in your essays.

Business school application essays are among the hardest pieces that many of us will ever write.

3. Adhere to word count: Another huge temptation for M.B.A. applicants is to exceed the word limit. This will hurt you. Admissions staff evaluate literally thousands of business school application essays. They will look negatively on an application with a 10-page essay when the length requested was 1 page. If you cannot follow directions at this point, you're likely not to get the opportunity to demonstrate you can follow directions as an M.B.A. student at that school.

Business School Application Essays

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YOUR LIFE . . . IN 300 WORDS OR LESSIt's a daunting task. Even the most seasoned professionals find business school application essays to be among the hardest pieces they ever write. With a diverse pool of talented people applying to the nation's top schools from the most successful companies and prestigious undergraduate programs in the world, a simple…

The business school application essays are your chance to demonstrate your unique qualifications for and commitment to a career in business by discussing those experiences, people, and events that influenced your decision to enter the field.Factors other than academics and the GMAT account for as much as 60% importance in the MBA admissions decision! A passionately, humbly and well structured MBA application essay can really differentiates you from competition and bring in the uniqueness of your profile. The scores of many GMAT candidates selected for admission are same; one paper interview in form of the b-school application essay gives you the chance to, in many ways, highlight your positives in the MBA admissions interview. Here’s with 8 easy ways to get started with your business school application essay development and editing.