How to Write a Business Research Proposal

The topic has to be achievable, current, be able to fit the standards and have a clear link to theory. The proposal has to be able to give clear insight to the topic and to be on the subject of career goals. It has to be a topic that the manager is likely to do well. It has to be enough information to convince others of the proposal being given and it answers the research questions and objectives. For example, the research question that I have chosen for the Business Research Proposal is How do we increase sales and marketing in the organization? There will be several research questions asked to answer that research question. The research question is important to give a clear understanding of the points needed in the research. The research that is searched answers the research questions. Without research questions, a person cannot get the right answers (Saunders, Lewis, & Thornhill, 2007).

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Business Research Proposal Topics

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