11. Research on basic physics problems of condensed polymers

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The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers course work leading to the B.A. in physics, the B.S. in physics, and in cooperation with the College of Education, the B.A. in physics with teacher certification and the B.S. in education with an emphasis in physics. The Department offers meritorious students opportunities to participate in teaching and research to help prepare them for the independent effort required in industry or graduate school. The Department‘s faculty members have a diversity of interests and are active in various experimental and theoretical research areas. Students successfully completing this program will obtain an understanding of basic physics concepts, mathematical and problem-solving skills needed to solve basic physics problems, experimental skills in physics, astrophysics, or biophysics, and the ability to analyze and interpret scientific data and write scientific papers or reports.

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In order to describe the motion of an object we must be to determine the position of the object at any point in time. In other words, if we are given the problem of describing the motion of an object, we will have reached a solution when we find a position function, , which tells us the position of that object at any moment in time. (Note that " " is usually understood to be a so in writing the position function " " as " " we are explicitly indicating that is a function of ) There are a variety of functions that can correspond to the position of moving objects. In this section we will introduce some of the more common ones that tend to arise in basic physics problems.

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Although no one is making any claims at this point, practical applications might come from the research. Culture-boggling devices like the laser and transistor emerged from efforts to solve basic physics problems, and the quest for an antimatter container has already produced new methods of analyzing medical drugs and ways to better shield medical imaging equipment from stray magnetic fields.