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Unit V Application Assessment Essay Questions
Question 1: What sort of background testing should BSS conduct on its applicants?
Minimum 250 words in length

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Before writing an essay, applicants must decide on a topic. The people who review essays seek applicants who stand out. Some essay reviewers see hundreds of applications weekly. Serious applicants take the time to prepare their essays. Application should address the applicant’s goals. For example, a law school essay can highlight why an applicant wants to become a corporate lawyer not just a general lawyer. Applicants can explain how meeting a corporate lawyer changed their lives. Some essays use a list of application essay questions. Applicants should use descriptive sentences. The answers to the application essay questions must capture the reviewer’s attention. If a single question is used, design an and prepare rough drafts. Use easy-to-understand words and make sure the sentences flow. When the rough drafts are satisfactory, proceed to a final draft. Once the application essay is complete, a final proofreading must take place. Proofreading ensures the grammar, sentence structure and tone appeals to the essay reviewers. Applicants who invest in a final proofreading gain an advantage over their competition.

Sample College Application Essay Questions

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