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Statistical projects are fun because you can choose any kind of data you want. Of course I can not give you AP statistics project ideasfor you, but I have some good tips for you. When chosing a research topic, it is best to find a dataset from web first, and then build a research question from the dataset. That way, already you have all the data and the gathering of data phase is completed, and conducting tests on the data will be very easy with it right in front of you.

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I am taking an AP statistics class and I am struggling to coming up with AP statistics project ideas. We need to find a question take a research on it and do an experiment like wise. I need to use 5 concepts form AP statistics to conduct the project. I don't have any ideas what to do my project on. I really don't know what my question should be. What are some possible things I can do? I am most interested in physics and chemistry, but any field is good. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks for the help!

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