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“I loved my time at Wilson, from the incredible teachers and coaches to the amazing student body. All of my teachers were extremely helpful during my college application process and coming into college, I felt prepared from my experiences and opportunities at Wilson. From the awesome sports teams to the school magazine, ceramics class, AP statistics project and making aspirin in advanced chemistry, I am so thankful that Wilson encourages students to get so involved. I will never forget the feeling of home basketball games and all of Coach Nolan and Olsen's words of wisdom. I am so proud to be a Trojan, and want to thank the Wilson community for all it has given me as I couldn't be happier to be at Claremont Mckenna College and excited for what the future holds.”
—Ellen Berkley, WHS class of 2014, attends Claremont McKenna College where she plans to study Science and Management and play both soccer and lacrosse

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I try to take life seriously because that’s what everyone has been telling me to do for the last eighteen years, but it can be sooooo hard to do. Therefore everything I do has just a bit of humor in it whether it’s an essay on my crippling fear of clowns-it’s called Coulrophobia if you were wondering-or making the cover of my AP Statistics project a picture of Jeremy Touma and myself fighting Velociraptors with light sabers, or handing in a photo-shopped picture of Stephen St. Raymond as Barack Obama to Mr. Huminski at the beginning of my Psych and Lit final…because why not? If nothing else I know how to have fun. Which is why I imagine I was selected to speak today, because all this walking in straight lines, and sitting quietly, and studying for finals, and not studying for finals, and writing papers, and making study guides, and taking notes and biting lips through tests, and furiously typing away on calculators, and learning new languages…I think you get the point. We all need to smile just a little bit more. I mean, why so serious?

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