Calculus was developed to answer physics problems

Physics is about understanding not memorizing. When something you read or hear in lecture doe not make sense, ask a T.A. or professor or peer about it and try to understand the answer. Simply memorizing Newton's laws and formulas for kinematics, momentum, energy, etc. does not answer physics problems, understanding the underlying concepts and knowing how to apply them does.

Differences in visual attention between those who correctly and incorrectly answer physics problems

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correctly and incorrectly answer physics problems

attempt to answer physics problems in a manner that we do not recognize as problem solving

Here are some guidelines for answering physicsproblems for your homework, quizzes, and examinations. Everyone is STRONGLYurged to follow them. It is very important that you do so if you wishto do well in this course. After a while, these rules should becomesecond nature to you.