Tips on answering multiple choice questions:

You can for your students to solve as they answer multiple choice questions. Your students will choose the correct answers whose letters will spell out a secret word. Take a set of standard multiple choice questions, and change the letters of each correct answer to spell a word. Your word will need as many letters as multiple choice questions you have. Then change the letters of the other answers for each question. So instead of having A, B, C, and D as choices for every question, you may give students a choice between W, K, E, and G for one question and H, M, I, and L for another. Before you do the activity with your class, prepare or have your students prepare a set of clothes pins with the letters A to Z. You may need multiples of certain letters depending on what word your correct answers will spell out. Then as students answer the questions, they choose the appropriate clothespin and clip it to the bottom of their paper in order. When they have finished all of the questions, their answers across the bottom of the page should spell the secret word.

How to answer multiple choice questions like a pro

There are several factors to take into consideration when you are going to answer multiple choice test questions. If the test is timed, you need to make sure you pace yourself so that you can get through all of the questions. Go to the end of the test and see how many questions there are. Compare that to the time you have so that you are able to identify the maximum amount of time you can spend on each of the questions.

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The one-or-more answer multiple choice questions may have 5 or more answer choices out of which one or more may be correct. You must select the answers that are correct. Remember, you will not receive full credit unless you have chosen the correct answers and no others. Therefore, make sure you fully understand the question and have considered all possibilities before proceeding onwards.