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The ideal example of an annotated bibliography can be either in American Psychological Association style or in modern language association style. An example of an annotated bibliography should also contain a good summary of the main scope and theme of the source that is used. An annotated bibliography example should be such that it gives a good analysis of the authenticity and background of authors which will inform the reader of the bibliography of the quality of the source. A good annotated bibliography example should also reveal that the work of a particular author has been compared with the books of other cited authors. This shows that the paper written does not contain only one perspective but many perspectives. A good annotated bibliography example will also show how the particular source is useful in the entire paper that you have written.

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For your convenience we gladly provide you with an example of APA annotated bibliography to show you the different techniques required of this style of writing. An for a book is different from that of an entry for an article in an annotated bibliography example APA style.

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Annotated Bibliography Example

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