2. Annotated Working Bibliography (in correct APA or MLA Style)

The history of BirdLife Botswana has to be seen in the context of birding in Botswana and Huw Penry gives a good account of this in his book Bird Atlas of Botswana. Wendy and Remi Borello (1997- Birds of Botswana: An annotated working bibliography 1835-1995) give an account of birding explorations in Botswana and the first publication of birds in Botswana was The Checklist of the Birds of the Bechuanaland Protectorate and Caprivi Strip by R.N.H. Smithers in 1964. This was followed long after by the publication of The Birds of Botswana in 1989 by Kenneth Newman (now sadly out of print) and in 1994, the Bird Atlas of Botswana by Huw Penry (see ).

2. Annotated Working Bibliography -

The week of March 17, each student will present afive-page version of the essay, together with an annotated workingbibliography. This presentation should include a working thesis andshould outline supporting points. For the annotated bibliography,list works as you would for a works cited page; after each entry,include a 2-3 sentence summary of the work's main point and relevanceto your project.

Better yet, keep an annotated working bibliography 000

Drafting an Annotated Working Bibliography

While our reading discussions have flourished (particularly when there has been enough time to get them done), it has been a challenge to move participants ahead in their research projects. We have had to scale back our initial expectation that participants would complete a major research project, such that what was conceived as a 25–30 page paper is likely to become 8–10 pages. Additionally, it has helped to heavily structure the research paper assignment, breaking it down into stages. As a consequence, we have asked participants to submit pieces of work toward the final paper, such as an annotated working bibliography, problem statement, detailed paper outline, first draft, peer critique, and final draft.