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So here’s my heresy – why couldn’t annotated bibliographies for subjects be written by faculty (or librarians, or even graduate students writing PhDs who spend years on literature reviews) and hosted in a freely accessible manner on the web – say, as part of , for example? Or a specially-created Classics Annotated Bibliography Wiki? Or a university or library web site? Or even – horrors – added into existing Wikipedia entries on the topic! (The last would be the best way to reach the masses – interested amateurs and undergraduates – and direct them into scholarly resources, since Wikipedia is generally the number one result on any Google search and, , the first place students go to find information. The at Wikipedia already has the basic structure of the Virgil topic in OBO, though it is rather skimpy on the scholarly bibliography.)

Welcome to the Commentaries, an annotated bibliography mini wiki at The Wikia Scratchpad

Or a specially-created Classics Annotated Bibliography Wiki

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