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This is an annotated bibliography website of novels, stories, essays, links and other material involving the "what ifs" of history. So, if you're looking for a way to find all the what if's of past, present and future...this is the place.

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A website can be as important as any other academic document if it is treated the same way, by the use of careful research and citing your references you can show that your website has authority within its field and should be taken seriously. The use of an annotated bibliography for websites further enhances this by showing what documents have been used as references when creating the research for your site, it also lets the reader see that you have thought hard about the references rather than just making a quick list.

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You may have decided that you want to write your website in a specific academic format such as Chicago or APA, in which case you should follow the conventions for those styles for your website annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography website example can be viewed by clicking this . Your list of references could be an annotated bibliography of websites that are in the same field of study or it could be a much wider bibliography showing all types of work in both print and online.