Sample Annotated Bibliography in APA Style

A bibliography is the list of references at the end of your work which tells the reader which sources you used to develop your ideas and arguments when you conducted your research. These normally tell the reader who the author was, the title of the work and where it is published. To add extra credibility to your paper and your research you are sometimes asked to produce an apa annotated bibliography, this differs from the standard bibliography by asking you to summarize or evaluate the reference that you are listing. This means that you add a short; 150 words maximum, summary of what the document was about or evaluate it with regards to its quality, and usefulness to your research; sometimes you have to do both.
Like any other part of your academic paper it has to be produced within specific rigid guidelines; so an annotated bibliography in APA style has to be written in that specific style and following your tutors guidance with regards to the type of annotations required.

Creating an annotated bibliography in APA style

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How to write an annotated bibliography in APA style

Suggestions for Annotated Bibliographies in APA Style:

Every example of annotated bibliography in APA style must contain the author’s name, title of the book and the name of the publisher. You should also pay attention to the punctuation in an .