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I’m working on a project for a rare books class I took two weeks ago. It’s an annotated bibliography of books on Chicago. I discovered, and promptly bought on ,

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Mr. de Winter has specialized in heat transfer and such associated fields as fluid flow and thermodynamics. He has worked on freeze-drying, on the design of instruments for determining thermophysical properties of materials, on thermal control of space vehicles, and on spacecraft power system design, notably the JPL Venus-Mercury flyby (Mariner 10) mission and the JPL Voyager mission to the outer planets (and now to space beyond). The JPL spacecraft power work involved solar photovoltaic, solar thermionic, and radioisotope thermoelectric power system design. In terrestrial solar energy applications, Mr. de Winter has worked on swimming pool heating, on the flat plate collector, on heat exchangers in solar water heating systems, and on gas water heaters for solar backup service. The de Winter "Heat Exchanger Factor" has become a standard part of the solar energy literature, and is used worldwide. He holds two US Patents, has written numerous technical articles, has prepared several surveys on solar energy activities, is the editor of the 1990 MIT Press annotated bibliography book on "Solar Collectors, Energy Storage, and Materials," and has edited the proceedings for numerous conferences on solar energy and other energy topics. He was the founder and president of the Altas Corporation, a company involved in contract R&D in solar energy between 1974 and 1988.

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