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The cyber jihadis from the Jihad Media Battalion have produced an animated power point presentation in support of The Islamic Courts Union of Somalia declaring jihad against Ethiopia. The Jihad Media Battalion is one of the public relations arm of the al Qaeda in Iraq umbrella organization, The Islamic State of Iraq -- although there is some question as to whether they are "official" spokesmen or not.

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A couple months ago my friend Derrick put me onto a website called . Gapminder provides a number of helpful animated presentations about a host of economic and demographic variables presented in an easy to understand and engaging way. (Please excuse my drooling.) It is like an animated Power Point presentation. Gapminder has a great presentation about the status of the world since 1970 on a number of variables. Here are three slides I captured that show trends in world poverty. Gapminder is using the UN’s Millennium Project definition of earning less than $1 a day as a poverty threshold.

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In an animated Power Point presentation, Mr. Terezis lectures on the important subject of how to build a diversified investment portfolio.

This program uses a fun, interactive cartoon-animated Power Point presentation where Netsmartz friends teach children ways to stay safe while surfing the Internet. The program focuses on teaching children to keep their identity private while using the Internet and also teaches safety rules they can use if they encounter strangers while on the Internet. Program length 40 minutes.