Advantages of Multiple Choice Questions

One disadvantage of multiple choice questions are the probability of getting a correct answer, that's 25% for 4 choices and an intelligent guess would increase to 50% chance and that's really a good news because even you don’t' have knowledge about the topic or subject, you can get a points.

Advantages of Using Multiple Choice Questions 1

One of the key advantages of multiple choice questions being marked by computer is thespeed and savings of time effected by this means of assessment. Measures of the efficacyof such questions are available to establish their credibility in establishing whatstudents know and understand about basic concepts in any discipline. However, suchstatistics do not reveal what thought processes students have deployed in theirconsideration of the chosen key.

2.1 Definition; 2.2 Advantages of Multiple Choice Questions

The Strengths and Advantages of Multiple Choice Questions