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Physics 513 is a Web-based physics course for first-year graduate students at UTK. The physical concepts, principles, and relations introduced in junior/senior-level physics classes are reviewed as students analyze and solve simple and advanced physics problems. Many of the problems to be analyzed and solved involve multiple core physics concepts. Physics 513 uses Web-based class modules. It is a three-hour course. Registered students meet once each week for in-class discussions. Students must complete a weekly homework assignment.

PHYS 342: Advanced Physics Problem Solving

The Master of Science in physics program combines a sound basis in the fundamental areas of classical and modern physics from both a theoretical and an applied perspective. The program is designed to enable students with undergraduate backgrounds in physics or other technical areas to further their professional development and maintain and improve their technical development. The program is offered almost entirely in the evening to serve students who are employed locally. Students receiving a M.S. in physics will obtain an understanding of advanced physics concepts and mathematical and problem-solving skills needed to solve advanced physics problems. Students are strongly encouraged to be involved with faculty research programs that will develop experimental skills in physics, astrophysics, or biophysics as well as experience in analyzing and interpreting scientific data and the writing of scientific papers, reports, or theses. The Department offers the Ph.D. degree in cooperation with Missouri University of Science and Technology Physics Department. Students must satisfy the Missouri S&T admission standards, and the Missouri S&T Qualifying Exam in Physics is required of University of Missouri-St. Louis Ph.D. students. However, all course work and dissertation research may be completed while the student is in residence at UMSL. In addition to obtaining an understanding of advanced physics concepts and mathematical and problem-solving skills needed to solve advanced physics problems, Ph.D. students are expected to conduct independent scientific research in physics, astrophysics, or biophysics while learning to analyze and interpret scientific data and write scientific papers, reports, and a dissertation.

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* is able to independently solve advanced physics problems by choosing the appropriate experimental and/or theoretical method, develop the method and report on it in a correct way;